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Foreclosure rescue scams

Just because the economy seems to be bouncing back doesn't necessarily mean American families are out of the woods when it comes to their mortgages. Many struggling families found themselves the victims of foreclosure rescue scams. For these families, the pain and struggle of being taken advantage of doesn't end when the economy struggle does.

Being harassed for a debt that isn't yours

Getting behind on your bills is easy and happens to many American families. When it does, there is bound to be some communication from the creditor in attempt to collect on the debt. Sometimes the communication is expected because we either knew we were behind or are late. But, when creditor contact is unexpected and the debt they say you owe is not yours, there are certain steps you should take right away.

Say no to going Chapter 13 alone

If you are in the situation where Chapter 13 bankruptcy seems like your best or only option, but are reluctant to hire an attorney, it will likely be recommended by those that came before you, to reconsider. Some people may look at a bankruptcy filing and think they have it under control, they may even properly fill out all the necessary schedules and forms. However, without enhanced knowledge of the process, there are literally dozens of things that can go wrong. As any bankruptcy attorney can tell you, missing documents and late deadlines is a great way to get your petition for bankruptcy dismissed.

Are my firearms exempt property in a bankruptcy?

It is not uncommon for men and women alike to own firearms. In most cases firearms represent a significant investment. In the case of a collection, the value can range quite a bit, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands or more. Many times, when an individual files bankruptcy, they begin to worry what, if anything, will be seized. Nobody wants their valuable collection or family heirlooms to be taken in lieu of payment, and this fear of losing personal property sometimes stops people from getting the relief they need.

Preventing property from being seized

If your situation has gone beyond that of debt and turned into something more serious, like a judgment, chances are you're wondering what, if anything, can be seized. In Florida, failure to make good on debt can result in a judgment against you, garnishment and seizure of property. However, there are steps you can take to prevent your most important assets from being taken.

Bankruptcy is scary when you're alone

Whether you're desperate for a new beginning, or just simply have no choice, bankruptcy can be a terrifying option. Many people choose to go the long road to debt relief alone, which can add to their anxiety and hesitation. For those that want help with making their decision to file bankruptcy, or with the actual bankruptcy process, skilled attorneys can be a valuable asset.

I'm struggling; will calling my bank actually help?

Everyone goes through tough times. For some people, the tough times seem endless. Late notices, missed payments, collection calls, all reminders of just how difficult things actually are. For many people, this constant bombardment of debt makes them want to hide, not answer the phone or even open their mail. Even though you may feel completely powerless and out of control, don't underestimate the power of a friendly phone call.

Tricks of the trade

In recent years it has become more common for American families to fall a little behind financially. A missed credit card bill here, a late car payment there. We try, but sometimes despite our best effort we still struggle. If you're like millions of Americans you too have felt this struggle and maybe even experienced the collection game.

How scary will my bankruptcy hearing be?

For many people filing bankruptcy is a blessing and a curse. The collection calls stop and you can finally begin rebuilding your life. However, getting through to the bankruptcy hearing can fill you with anxiety. The fear and embarrassment that clients sometimes experience when filing bankruptcy can be made worse by the anticipation for your bankruptcy hearing.

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