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Miami Bankruptcy Law Blog

How to prepare for the meeting of creditors

While the act of declaring bankruptcy can bring financial relief, the process leading up to it can have stressful moments. One of those difficult times can be the meeting of creditors, although there is usually no reason to be concerned. In the meeting, a trustee ensures all paperwork is accurate and that there is no bankruptcy fraud. To help the process go smoothly, there are many things you should do to prepare.

Helping you decide if chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right choice

If you are considering bankruptcy, you need to determine the best option for your situation. Deciding bankruptcy is the correct way to resolve your financial turmoil is a serious decision. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as a wage earner's plan, could be the right choice for you if you are eligible and weigh the benefits. Before you make your final choice, learn how filing chapter 13 bankruptcy could work for you.

5 bankruptcy myths debunked

Misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy add unnecessary confusion to a situation that is already stressful for many people; just the concept of bankruptcy can seem frightening. There are widespread myths about bankruptcy that need to be debunked so individuals and families make the best decisions for their financial situations.

To help determine whether declaring bankruptcy is the right path for you, you should devote some time to researching the facts about bankruptcy. Separating fact from fiction is crucial.

Filing for bankruptcy because of medical debt

Medical debt is a common reason people find themselves in severe financial turmoil. Overwhelming medical bills can pile up due to longer-term treatments and sudden illness or injury. Some people falsely believe that medical debt can't be eliminated through bankruptcy, but bankruptcy relief can wipe out your medical bills.

As you decide whether to pursue bankruptcy, you should know all the facts as well as the advantages. Learn how filing for bankruptcy could help your financial situation.

Can income affect a person's eligibility to file for Chapter 7?

Many people who file for Chapter 7 view it as a way to get out of debt and put an end to the financial challenges they have been experiencing for quite some time. Although it is a common option that many turn to when their debt gets out of control, there are certain eligibility requirements that they must meet in order to file. Of these many requirements, your income is one of the most important.

Actions to take when you receive a missed mortgage payment letter

Owning a home is not something that all people are able to keep up with. In addition to paying utility bills and maintaining the home on both the interior and exterior, you will have to make monthly mortgage payments. Depending on their financial situation, these payments are a drop in the bucket for some, but for those struggling financially, these payments may be too much for them to handle. As a result, they will miss payments and start to receive letters from their lender.

Things creditors are not allowed to do when contacting debtors

It is hard enough when you can't make ends meet and pay your bills, but when creditors are calling every day, it can cause even more stress. As a debtor, you owe your creditor money, which is why they will call and try to get you to pay what you owe. Although these people have the right to call you, there are some things they simply are not allowed to do when they wish to make contact.

Consider what property is non-exempt when filing for Chapter 7

People have a variety of bills that they are required to pay on a monthly basis. Paying these bills may be easy for some, but there are many people who have found themselves falling behind and struggling to make the payments in a timely manner. Should they fail to do so, they could find themselves drowning in debt, and looking for a way out. Chapter 7 may offer them a way out, and it is something many people choose, but they will want to consider what property is non-exempt before they file.

Is rent-to-own really a good option?

Stealing is a crime, right?

It all depends on your definition and the setting in which it takes place.

Some feel that the rent-to-own industry is simply legal theft of the financially burdened who have no other option. But what is rent-to-own? How does it work?

How the Wells Fargo scandal impacts potential mortgage borrowers

Concerned Wells Fargo customers ask whether the bank or credit accounts opened without their permission will hurt their credit rating. More specifically, some are concerned whether these fraudulent accounts will prevent them from buying a home.

This situation with Wells Fargo is a wake-up call for all consumers. People who are rebuilding their credit after filing bankruptcy are particularly vulnerable.

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