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Posts tagged "Creditor harassment"

What Florida debt collectors may and may not get away with

A Florida debt collection agency contacted a consumer via mail regarding an alleged past due amount of $128. The consumer was unsure about the origin of the debt and requested further clarification from the agency over the phone. He was told only that it was about insurance.

Floridians may be subjected to unfair debt collection procedures

Many Floridians with debt may be subjected to unfair debt collection practices. When businesses such as a hospital or credit card company stop trying to persuade Floridians to pay debts owed, they often sell the debts to debt collectors. These debt collectors often purchase delinquent accounts in bulk and for pennies on the dollar. The debt collection agencies then attempt to collect on the entire amount the people owe. For example, if a person owes one company $300 and a debt collector buys the debt for $30, it will seek the full amount of the debt. Debt collectors, making their money in volume, may often use bad and unfair practices that amount to creditor harassment. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted to protect people from the sometimes unscrupulous ways debt collectors try to collect debts. A debt collection agency may only call between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Also, a collector cannot repeatedly harass customers by making their phones ring continuously. 

How to deal with debt collector harassment

If someone living in Florida is receiving constant calls from a creditor, they have options for stopping the harassment. There are federal laws regulating the way that companies attempting to collect on a debt can contact individuals, so creditor harassment isn't something people just have to put up with. When someone gets a call from a collection agency, they should not provide the agency with any information, especially not an address or social security number. If the debt is valid and they have the right person, the agency should already have this information. Individuals should ask whom the agency is calling about, and if it is not a person at the residence, they should advise the agency it is no longer allowed to contact them about that person per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

Some debt collectors resort to extreme tactics

Last week we wrote a post on debt collectors who were seeking to collect using social networking sites such as Facebook. While this approach may feel invasive it is certainly not the only approach taken by debt collectors that seems extreme. In all too many instances Miami area residents are contending with illegal collection practices. Today we will highlight some of those practices.

Debt collectors reaching debtors through social media

When most people log on to their social media page they expect to hear about a niece's recital, a friend's softball game, answer a Farmville request, or to view a picture of a cute puppy accompanied by some random words of wisdom. What they don't expect is a message from someone looking for a debt collection. While a lot of Miami residents have had financial difficulties, they don't appreciate those difficulties following them into the safe haven of their online world.

Couple won't back down against abuse from collectors

This blog has previously reported on the lengths that creditors and debt collectors will go to collect money they are owed. This story out of another state, will leave a bad taste in most of our Miami readers' mouths. A man who bravely served his country and suffered debilitating injuries has been subjected to endless harassment by a debt-collection company, but now he and his wife are fighting back.

Take decisive action when facing debt collectors

If you live in the Miami area and have heard from one or more debt collectors recently, understand your rights and take action as soon as possible. This is critically important to avoid creditor harassment for debts you may feel are no longer valid.

Collectors becoming more aggressive with credit card debt

Miami is not immune to the growing credit card debt of other Americans. As long as an individual's cash flow is sufficient and his/her debt management skills are first-rate, this increasing indebtedness may not pose a problem. However, if cash flow falters, consistent monthly income decreases or people become overwhelmed with credit card debt, collectors will become involved.

Are you aware of creditors' newest tactics?

Individuals facing financial hardship in Miami and throughout the nation are handling a lot of stress. In addition to the guilt that many feel surrounding the issue, they may be dealing with creditor harassment as well. Collection agents are constantly changing the tactics as opportunities present themselves. Despite this, consumers should be aware that there are certain guidelines debt collectors must follow. The failure to do so is a violation of law.

Consumers faced with debt also have to deal with debt collectors

A 53-year-old professional drummer was having the time of his life before the hard economic times hit throughout the nation and in Florida. In 2008, his world came crashing down when he no longer received calls for work, a lull that lasted months. Due to daily expenses, he continued to spend money relying on the help of credit cards.

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