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Posts tagged "Foreclosure"

Facing foreclosure? You have options

Let's face it ? your home is more than just four walls and a roof on a plot of land. It's where you and your wife started your marriage. It's where your little ones said their first words and walked their first steps. It's a place that holds all of your most precious memories. So the idea of losing it can be absolutely terrifying. Receiving foreclosure notices might be keeping you up at night, but just know that there are options and alternatives and they're not as scary as you might think:

  • You can negotiate a modification of your loan or mortgage.
  • You can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, effectively saving your home by moving your mortgage payments into the Chapter 13 repayment plan.
  • You can utilize a strategic mortgage default.
  • You can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which can help you walk away.
  • You can sell your house using a short sale option.
  • You can sell the house and get help buying something more reasonable. It might sound difficult, but it's not that bad and thousands have used this option to get the financial burden off their shoulders.

Foreclosures drop; Florida still tops the list

Foreclosures in Florida have been a big problem since the Great Recession. While the nation as a whole is recovering from the foreclosure boom, Florida still tops the list of states with the most foreclosures with more than double the state in the number two slot.

Are my creditors breaking the law by harassing me?

When Florida consumers are being bombarded by creditors all demanding money for overdue debts, it can become overwhelming. But are the creditors adhering to federal and state laws in their collection practices, or have they crossed a legal line?

Foreclosure alert: Zombies are loose in Florida

We have often discussed how foreclosures are affecting some families in Florida. While some people opt to fight that foreclosure, others decide that it is best to simply move on. Those people move out of the home that is being foreclosed upon. In some cases, those homes begin to become an eyesore. Those abandoned homes are considered zombie foreclosures.

Look into government programs to help avoid foreclosure

Floridians who are struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments and fear foreclosure can turn to some programs that President Obama initiated. The administrators of most of the below programs for American consumers are the Departments of Housing and Urban Development and the Treasury.

Florida homeowners can refinance now at low interest rates

It's said that timing is everything, and that can be especially true when it comes to financial matters. Florida residents may be interested in knowing that some in the financial industry believe that interest rates will again be climbing later this year.

Using a short sale to stop foreclosure in Florida

If you are dealing with an underwater mortgage and are having trouble making the payments, you might start to think that you don't have any options other than to just sit back and allow the foreclosure process to take place. That isn't always the case. Some of our Florida readers might be interested in learning about how a short sale might help them to get out from under an underwater mortgage without having to go through the foreclosure process.

Emotions are part of the bankruptcy process to stop foreclosure

We have discussed a lot of bankruptcy issues in this blog. Since we have discussed the financial implications, we need to talk about the emotional aspects of bankruptcy. The truth is that while bankruptcy can provide a lot of relief from financial strains, it can also have a big impact on you emotionally. Our Florida readers might be interested in learning about some of these emotional impacts.

Foreclosure still plaguing Florida, but improvements noticed

When it comes to foreclosure, it is no secret that Florida has had more than its fair share of difficulties. It seems as though those troubles haven't quite gone away yet. Florida is still one of the states at the top of the foreclosure list.

Don't fall victim to foreclosure scams targeting Florida

In one of our posts last week, we touched on how it is vital for people who are facing foreclosure to stay aware as they move through the process of trying to keep their home. Some people are preying on the desperation of people who want to save their home by using almost any method.

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