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Posts tagged "How to Deal With Creditor Harassment"

A state's largest debt collector to pay $1M restitution for fraud

The largest debt collection agency in another state has agreed to pay $1 million in a consent judgment entered into with the state's attorney general's office. According to the lawsuit, the debt collectors had filed massive amounts of lawsuits per year, tens of thousands of them, which later proved to be inaccurate or unsubstantiated. They were accused of filing over 200,000 lawsuits in that state. False collections from a debt collector have become a problem in many states, including Florida.

$11M foreclosure fraud lands 3 people in prison

Three residents from another state have found themselves facing prison time after engaging in an $11 million scheme. According to the report, these people claimed to be a from a non-profit program that offered help to homeowners who were facing foreclosure. Instead of helping, however, they kept the money for themselves, leaving the homeowners with nothing. Although this case was not in Florida, it is an all-too-familiar story.

3 ways to detect a fake debt collector

One of the most annoying and sometimes frightening phone calls that a person can get is one from a person trying to collect on a debt. Recently in Florida, a group of people, each pretending to be a debt collector, was issued a restraining order after making phone calls pretending to be attorneys. During those calls, these collectors threatened the party on the other end of the line with prison time and lawsuits if they did not pay. They collected close to $700,000 before they were discovered.

Avoiding a debt collector scam

While creditor harassment is a big issue in the U.S. scams are also a source of strife among those in this country. In fact, debt collector scams are said to be one of the most common types. It is bad enough to be harassed about a debt that one owes, but even worse when the debt does not even exist. So what can those living in Florida do to avoid debt collection scams?

Creditor harassment earns man 78 months in prison

One man was sentenced to 78 months in prison recently after he was found guilty of preying on those who were behind on payments. Not only did the man's collection agency target those who owed money, but he sometimes went after those who did not even have a real debt. In Florida, as in other states, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects those who are in debt from this type of creditor harassment.

What can be done when a debt collector crosses the line?

One of the most stressful times in an adult's life is when he or she falls behind on bills. The constant calls and threatening letters from a debt collector can add heavy amounts of pressure to an already scary situation. One of the most potent weapons against fear is knowledge. The best thing for anyone in Florida or other states to do is to be aware of what a debt collector can do, and what he or she cannot do.

Consumer accuses lender of creditor harassment via telephone

A consumer has filed a suit against her lender, claiming that her privacy was invaded when the lender continued to harass her. The suit was filed against Santander Consumer USA Inc. in April. The plaintiff alleges that the debt collector violated both the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and committed creditor harassment via telephone.

Landlords could face lawsuits in bankruptcy collections attempts

Landlords who make an attempt at taking possession of a rented location should be careful if the tenant has filed bankruptcy, says one report. According to the story, landlords who threaten to evict tenants while attempting to make payment collections could face lawsuits for both punitive damages and emotional distress. This report comes after a Third Circuit Court of Appeals awarded both to tenants whose landlord had violated the automatic stay of bankruptcy. While this case was in another state, similar cases are heard each year in Florida.

Woman sues debt collector for unlawful calls, creditor harassment

Debt collector harassment can be traumatizing to many who are bombarded with calls, letters and even late-night knocks at the front door. One woman was fed up with the antics of a debt collector and decided to do something about it. She sued the man, alleging that he had harassed her over the phone. For those who are struggling with this type of creditor harassment in Florida, this option could be available to them as well.

How to escape the nightmare of creditor harassment

Life happens and things do not always go as planned, which means that anyone can get behind on their bills. A person may sign papers on a loan with full confidence that he or she can pay the loan back. Unfortunately, an accident, loss of a job or any other unexpected stumbling block can delay the best-laid plans. In Florida and other states, debt collectors can make a person feel that he or she is about to be dragged off to prison if one doesn't pay up immediately. However, there is a way for a person to stop creditor harassment and get back some peace of mind.

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