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Know your rights when it comes to debt collectors

There's one thing above all else that debt collectors fear: an informed debtor. Some debt collection agencies resort to calling you at work, contacting you late at night or even phoning your family friends and neighbors to harangue you. They often circumvent the rules hoping that you won't know any better or won't contact someone who knows the law.

Legal and illegal practices used by debt collectors

By now, our readers know that we take a firm stance against debt collectors who use unethical and illegal practices to try to collect debts. It is important that all of our Florida readers know and understand how to handle debt collectors who don't follow the legal methods of debt collection. You probably know some basics, such as debt collectors can't swear at you or make false claims. There are some other things they can and can't do.

Don't believe everything a debt collector tells you

Anyone who has or is receiving calls from debt collectors knows how unpleasant and stressful they can be. The people who call often do whatever they can to get money from you. They can be verbally abusive and intimidating. They also sometimes lie and even break the law.

To foreclose or not to foreclose in the Miami housing market

Miami homeowners have experienced their share of housing troubles in the past decade. Defaults on subprime mortgages turned neighborhood subdivisions into eerie ghost towns dotted with properties worth far less now than when they were built.

Foreclosure rates down, but Florida still leads the country

As the economy continues to recover, there's generally good news on the foreclosure front. Foreclosure filings in the U.S. were nearly 20 percent less in the first half of this year than in the same period during 2013. These include bank repossessions, scheduled actions and default notices.

Bankruptcy as a tool to stop foreclosure

Getting a notice of foreclosure on your home in the mail isn't something that any homeowner wants to happen. For millions of homeowners in the country, that is a sad reality. While some homeowners are able to secure loan modifications and other arrangements from the mortgage holder that will allow them to remain in their home, that isn't always the case. For some homeowners facing foreclosure, filing bankruptcy is the only way to keep their home.

Miami condo of former football star facing foreclosure

Foreclosures are usually associated with people who have been hit by financial difficulties as a result of unemployment or unexpected bills. That isn't always the case, which is proven by recent news that a former player for the National Football League is facing foreclosure on his Miami condominium.

Options when people can't afford mortgage

Florida residents who are underwater in debt with their homes may have a few options. However, this situation is even worse for individuals who don't owe a primary mortgage but who took out a home equity line of credit. If an individual does not pay off this line of credit, the lending institution can force a foreclosure on the property.

Programs help reduce number of home foreclosures

Fewer families in Florida and across the country are losing their homes to foreclosures than they were a few years ago. Even though this has been a difficult stretch of time for many middle-class Americans, with wages down and costs for essentials up in real terms, more families have found ways to stay in their homes.

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